Tips to make Camping Better than any Expensive Holiday

7 Tips to make Camping Better than any Expensive Holiday

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You don’t need to have heaps of money to go on amazing holidays and have million dollar views. Camping out in nature is not only cheap but you get to see and experience things that you never would in a resort. The time spent with family and friends is also priceless. Here are some tips from me to make camping better than any expensive holiday.


  1. Use the app WikiCamps Australia:

Seriously, download it. It is only $8 and so worth it! It has thousands of camp sites in Australia and includes details such as amenities, accessibility, if dogs are allowed, cost, directions photos and recent comments from fellow campers (I am in no way associated with WikiCamps I just love it).

An example from the app WikiCamps Australia. It is such a good app!


  1. Keep it Simple!

You don’t want to be spending ages setting up and packing up. It takes away from the enjoyment of camping, especially if you are on the move a lot. I find that roof top tents or anything that is attached to the car can be frustrating because every time you want to drive you have to pack up, keep this in mind when figuring out your camping set up.

One of our very simple set ups


  1. Try and stay places for more than 1 night 

Driving all the time and being constantly on the move can get really draining. Camping is about taking in the surroundings and relaxing. If you have limited time, go to less places and plan another trip for the places you missed in the future.

Camping near Margaret River, Western Australia


  1. Make sure you have a comfortable bed 

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important. Make sure your mattress is comfortable (I use a swag which has a foam mattress) and take your favourite pillow. Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. A well-rested camper is a happy camper.

We love our Kings Big Daddy Swag, the mattress is 70 mm thick and so comfy


  1. Learn to cook on a fire 

One of the most enjoyable things for me while camping is cooking in the camp oven, there is just something about cooking on a fire that makes camping so much better.

Cooking a delicious stew on the fire at Mt Augustus Tourist Park, WA


  1. Camp in the middle of nowhere if you get a chance 

There is a major difference between camping in a caravan park and camping out bush where you have no neighbours. They both have their pro and cons but getting out bush and not having to worry about noisy neighbours if truly amazing. Especially in Australia where you can feel so remote (use WikiCamps to find awesome spots).

Our camp at the Kennedy Ranges, near Gascoyne Junction, WA


7. Save money by using these tips: 

  1. – Free camp as much as possible (there are thousands of free camps in Australia!).
  2. – Buy yourself a National Parks Pass (he cost of visiting NP’s, especially in WA can really add up. If you are a member of the RAC you can but a 12 month pass for a whole car load of people for only $40, bargain!!).
  3. – Make sure you have the right tyre pressure on bitumen roads (check your operators manual, you will be surprised how much money you will save in fuel). Oh and slow down – there is no rush!
  4. – Collect your own fire wood (just make sure you are allowed, it is prohibited in some places like National Parks).
  5. – Try and eat less red meat (you can make amazing simple meals with chicken or tuna, or even no meat at all).

Jeff collecting fire wood on our way to Melangata Station Stay, WA. We save money buy collecting our own wood when we can



Exploring and nature is the best education for kids (and adults too). A cheap and easy way to live life to the absolute fullest. I would love to hear your main tips if I haven’t mentioned it here, or ways to save money on the road.

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Lauren 😊

At the top of the Escarpment Trail in the Kennedy Ranges, WA


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