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Facts & Figures from Our 12 Month Trip Around Australia

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We left on our trip around Australia in April 2016 from Perth and finished the whole lap in April 2017. I am Happy and sad to complete my dream of almost 15 years and it has been the best year of both of our lives.

Here are some stats from our trip:

  • Time on the Road: 12 months
  • Total KM’s Driven: 41,697 km’s
  • # Hrs Sitting in the Car Driving: We worked it out to be approx. 520 hrs!!! That equals 3 weeks day and night! Many of those hrs we sat in comfortable silence, there is only so much you can talk about!
  • Total $$ spent on Diesel: approx. $8,500
  • Most Expensive Fuel: $2.40 per L on the Great Central Rd
  • Approx amt. spent on car issues: $3250
  • # of Flat Tyres: None!!! Can you believe it!!
  • # of times Bogged: 2. Thank god for the TREDS (same as Max Trax but cheaper)


Lake Eyre, South Australia


Approx Breakdown of Accommodation:

  • 40% National Parks / Reserves / Homestays
  • 25% Free Camping
  • 25% Caravan Parks and
  • 10% staying with Friends & Family


  • Favourite Free Camp: Long Plain Hut Campground, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW
  • Favourite Cheap Camp: Munall Campground, Blackdown Tablelands QLD
  • Favourite Caravan Park: Barn Hill Station, WA
  • Most Unique Campsite: camping underground (yep!) at Ribas Underground Camping in Coober Pedy
  • # Times we have camped so alone you could walk around naked: At least 20! It is the BEST
  • # Times we have felt genuinely scared camping alone: Only once! This was because we had 4 dingos howling all around us when we were in the middle of nowhere. We had to get the ‘dingo stick’ out & decided to sleep in the car instead of the tent!


This is our camp spot on the Great Central Road, WA where the dingos were howling all around us!

This is our camp spot on the Great Central Road, WA where the dingos were howling all around us!


  • # Times we have said “that photo just doesn’t do it justice” because what we are looking at is just so amazing: more than 200
  • # Arguments over card games: Let’s just say we almost broke up a few times!
  • Bucket List Items Ticked Off: Swim with the whale sharks, do a Kimberley Cruise, travel the Gibb River Rd, skydive, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, go to Tamworth Country Music Festival, see the old growth forests in Tasmania, see Lake Eyre, visit Uluru, drive through a remote desert.
  • # Times we left the bin out and some kind of animal has gotten into it: 4. You would think we would have learnt after the 1st time. Always possums.
  • #Cliff jumps from waterfalls: at least 40!
  • # Campfires: more than 100. Campfires and camping go hand in hand
  • # Cartons of Beer Drank between the 2 of Us: 45! Not too bad really, less than 1 a week.
  • Most # of Sand Fly bites in 1 day: 129!!!!!!! YEP, sleeping was difficult for at least a week.
  • # of Times a swim in any kind of water source has replaced a shower: Too many to count.
  • # times we have played ‘Follow the Sun’ by Xavier Rudd: Hundreds!!! We never get sick of it. AND he has a Troopy too


Red Bluff, Quobba Station, Western Australia. We camped in a shack on the beach

Red Bluff, Quobba Station, Western Australia. We camped in a shack on the beach


  • Lauren’s #1 Camping Tip: Make sure you have a comfy bed and a good night’s sleep. Being grumpy is not fun for anyone. I always have ear plugs and an eye mask in the tent (and I have 3 pillows!).
  • Our combined #1 Camping Tip: LESS IS MORE!! Especially if you are moving around a lot, the easier to set up & pack up the better, TRUST me on this one.
  • Our Favourite Things to Do: Go on big walks (we think it is the best way to see our beautiful country), read books, make a campfire, cook, drink beer, plan what to do and where we are going next (I am one of those weird people who find it fun and exciting to plan!).
  • Items we didn’t have at the start of our trip, picked up along the way, and use ALL the time: Solar Panels (important if you have a fridge!!), a good quality eskie, 2x crates (so good for storage and dishes),  3X3 metre OzTrail Gazebo (so we can drive the car and not worry about our stuff getting wet, we used to always use the car annex), a selfie stick (TRUST me no one looks good in handheld selfies, you need a stick if you want photos together!).
  • Lauren’s Favourite Places: Karijini NP, Gibb River Rd, Kakadu NP, Mt Field NP Tasmania, West MacDonnell Ranges, driving the Great Central Road.
  • Things we Appreciate More: clean feet, good shower pressure, a shower in general, food cooked in an oven, beer/wine in a real glass (not plastic!), our friends and family.
  • My Most Favourite Things of the Trip: Spending time together, the night sky (especially seeing shooting stars), being out in nature bush camping and hiking. I have been totally blown away and overwhelmed with the beauty of this country, sometimes it just didn’t seem real.


The multi-coloured cliffs near our campsite at Barn Hill Station in Western Australia

The multi-coloured cliffs near our campsite at Barn Hill Station in Western Australia


  • Biggest Lesson Learnt: Australia is such an amazing country, so beautiful, diverse and full of friendly people. Life is too short to waste it working a job you don’t love, don’t wait until you are retired to follow your dreams of travelling. You can make it happen if you have a plan!
  • How we funded the trip: We both worked FIFO on Barrow Island working a 26/9 roster. We saved enough money to last 12 months and quit our jobs. We paid ourselves a weekly allowance of $400 each a week. Now we are unemployed! But that’s OK, it was totally worth it.

All this and we only covered a FRACTION of this country. We can’t wait to do it again and get to all the places we missed.  A trip like this truly gets in your blood and changes your life for the better (I know that sounds corny but it’s true!). You don’t have to live a ‘normal’ life you just need to LIVE. Life is too short to keep putting off your dreams. Living a simple life on the road is amazing, it really puts things into perspective and you realise how little you need to be happy and free.

It is the end of this adventure but the start of things to come. We are not going anywhere and the camping adventures and tips will keep coming. If you would like our free eBook ’11 Simple Tips for Saving Money on the Road’ subscribe to our mailing list by clicking this link.



  1. Ella Miller

    Lauren, thank you…have been a bit worried about our 3 month trek…but you have got me excited.

    • Lauren Wallman

      Yay I am so glad we can make you excited for your trip. 3 months is a great amount of time, you will love it!! If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to email us 🙂 Lauren

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