First of all, I know this has nothing to do with camping. But this is my website which I pay a fee to keep active, I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I thought I would post it here as it is a major part of my life now, and I do plan on doing this to make an income from the road when we travel around Australia as a family in the not too distant future….

What prompted me to write this..

Yesterday (wow it has now been 2 weeks, that’s how long it has taken me to write this! #mumlife) I was scrolling through Instagram and watching the stories like I do every day, when I came across the stories of a cosmetic nurse and skin expert that I have been following for years and really respect. She put up a story that really made me sad and I couldn’t just let it go. This was the post…

This is the ‘story’ I saw on Instagram from someone I follow who I respect and admire
Here I am with my daughter Rosie. I decided to be a Rodan + Fields Consultant so that I could work from home and be with her

A little bit of background..

I have been an Independent Skincare Consultant for Rodan + Fields for just over 3 months now and I didn’t make the decision to join this company lightly. I have been obsessed with skincare for about 10 years and am also obsessed with facts. I have a Bachelor of Science so it has been drummed into me that all statements must be proved with facts or studies. When I was researching Rodan + Fields I was drawn to it because of all the clinical trials (as well as the 60 day money back guarantee and of course the quality of the samples I was sent). I was also super impressed that it was the #1 skincare brand in North America and has been sitting in the top spot for 3 years now (on a side note, it was just announced last month that R+F is the #1 premium anti-aging skincare brand in Australia for 2018). I had never even heard of R+F before I was sent the samples!! Which is crazy to me because of the amount of money I have spent on my skin over the years.

These stats are from Euromonitor, who is the worlds leading independent provider of strategic market research. Rodan and Fields is the:

  • #1 skincare brand in North America (USA & Canada) in 2018
  • Fastest growing skincare brand in Australia in 2018
  • #1 premium anti-aging brand in Australia in 2018
  • #1 skincare brand in the USA in 2018
  • #1 skincare regimen in Canada in 2018
  • #1 anti-aging brand in the USA in 2018
  • #1 premium anti-aging brand in Canada in 2018
  • #1 premium acne brand in the USA in 2018
  • #1 premium body care brand in North America (USA & Canada) in 2018
  • #1 skincare brand in the USA in 2016, 2017 and 2018

Here is the link for you to check out for yourself:

Not only have Rodan + Fields been the #1 skincare brand in the USA for the last 3 years in a row, they are also #1 in Canada and the fastest growing skincare brand in Australia

It is incredibly impressive what Rodan + Fields have achieved in the skincare industry in such a short time (the company re-launched into direct sales in 2007, and has only been in Australia since 2017, compared to other brands that have been around for decades). Another important thing to note is that these statistics do not include sales to consultants, which is a major contributor to their overall sales. Simply, if the products didn’t work they wouldn’t be number 1. Do you think a company would be the #1 premium anti-aging skincare brand in all 3 countries it has been released (the USA in 2007, Canada in 2015 and Australia in 2017) if the products didn’t work? Rodan + Fields have plans for global expansion, planning on launching in Japan, Asia and Europe in the next few years.

Rodan + Fields are officially the #1 premium anti-aging brand in Australia. This is very impressive seeing as they only launched in Australia late 2017. This is the regimen that I use (my before and after pic is a bit further down)

Now, I know that direct sales has a stigma attached to it. Which is such a shame because these products are the real deal. Drs Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields (both Stanford trained dermatologists and the creators of Proactiv – a billion dollar brand that is sold in 181 countries worldwide) were really smart when they decided to pull their products from high end department stores in the USA. One of the department stores they were sold in in the USA is called Nordstrom, which i had never heard of but is a big deal in America. They were actually Nordstrom’s #1 selling clinical skincare line.

A quote from who claim to be a  global leader in press release distribution and regulatory disclosure:

In 2007, Rodan + Fields became the first prestige skincare line to exit the department store for the world of direct selling, with the brand reintroduced in 2008 as a newly-formed company. The company’s thousands of Independent Consultants quickly generated revenue that far exceeded what leading department store chains achieved with the brand’.

Link to the source here.

With social media taking off around this time, the Doctors saw an incredible opportunity to take out the middle man as well as help consultants (like me, a stay at home new mum) build successful businesses from home.

Back to what upset me about the Instagram post..

OK, so back to the reason I am writing this.. I saw the Instagram story from someone I admire and respect saying something to her thousands of followers that I truly believe from the bottom of my heart is not accurate. She said ‘Do you see Doctors, nurses or healthcare professionals selling these??? The answer is No for a reason.’ I sent her a direct message and asked her what the reason was and her response was that the products are not backed enough by medical professionals for her to support it. She also said there is no way the products have the medically correct active ingredients if they can be sold by a regular joe like me (not those exact words but along those lines).

Are the products backed by medical professionals?

First of all, as I already mentioned, the doctors behind Rodan + Fields, Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields, are Stanford trained dermatologists with over 50 years experience between them. Even though they are billionaires due to the success of first Proactiv and now Rodan + Fields, they are still practising dermatologists with their own private clinics in San Francisco.

‘Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields maintain their private clinical practices in the San Francisco Bay Area and serve as adjunct clinical professors of dermatology at Stanford University, where they both completed their dermatology residency. Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields are also frequent speakers at dermatology conferences and have published numerous articles in peer-reviewed medical journals, including Skin and Aging and the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology’ (link to the source here).

There are a growing number of healthcare professionals choosing to partner with Rodan + Fields. Not only are these products clinically proven to work, but they can provide a great way for healthcare professionals to make an extra income. Each of their products are clinically trialed and the information is available on their website, in the Regimen brochures and in the Product Guide.

Redefine Regimen (for the appearance of lines, pores and loss of firmness) clinical trial results
Reverse Regimen (for the appearance of brown spots, dullness and discolouration) clinical trial results
Soothe Regimen (for visible redness and dry, sensitive skin) clinical trial results
Unblemish Regimen (for adult acne and visible signs of aging) clinical trial results
Spotless Regimen (for teen and young adult acne) clinical trial results

Do Rodan + Fields products have medically correct active ingredients?

To answer this question firstly I researched what are the main active ingredients (the ones that actually work!) in modern skin care products (link here).  I then compared these to the Rodan + Fields ingredient list for all products. I have made a little list of the main ones below. This is not a list of all the active ingredients, just a few of the main ones.

The below ingredients are found in Rodan + Fields products:

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s): glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid
AHA’s may help with fine lines, irregular pigmentation, age spots and may help shrink enlarged pores
Beta-hydroxy acid (BHA also known as Salicylic acid)
Removes dead skin cells and can improve the texture and colour of sun damaged skin. It also helps with acne by penetrating oil-laden hair follicle openings
Kojic Acid
Helps to treat pigmentation and age spots
Derived from Vitamin A. Vitamin A has a molecular structure that is tiny enough to get into the lower layers of the skin, where it finds collagen and elastin. Retinol has been proven to improve pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture, skin tone and colour, and your skins hydration levels
Ascorbic Acid
Also known as Vitamin C, the only antioxidant proven to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, minimising fine lines, scars and wrinkles
Peptides are the building blocks of the skin, they help promote skin generation. Peptides may occur naturally in the body or be synthesized in the lab. For skincare, some peptides reduce the appearance of aging and other types are used to reduce visible redness

Of course there are ingredients that you need a prescription for, such as prescription Vitamin A. For these products you would need to go to a dermatologist or doctor. Most of the products that you find in skincare clinics you do not need a prescription for, you don’t even need any professional advice, you can buy them all online.

Link to Rodan + Fields Ingredient List here. If for some reason this link isn’t working, copy and paste this into your browser

What makes Rodan + Fields products different: The Multi-Step Science Approach..

If you are anything like what I used to be, you have a cleanser from one company, a moisturiser from another, a specialised treatment (like a retinol or vitamin C product) from another brand… a serum from another.. you get my point.. a mixed bag of products. The thing about this is, how do you know if an ingredient in one product won’t cancel out or react badly to an ingredient in another product you are using? Unless they are all by the same brand that is.. but even then, unless they are specifically instructed to use in a particular order, you just don’t know what will happen when the different products are on your face. This is where Rodan + Fields are different.

Drs Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields learnt from years of practice that it takes more than one ingredient or product to fully address a skin concern. It takes a Regimen-based approach, each Regimen uses the right ingredients in the right formulations in the right order to deliver visible results. There is not just one ‘miracle cream’.

There are 4 core Regimens, each with 4 or 5 products that are applied in numbered steps. Each product is designed to work with the one before it. It is a holistic approach to skin concerns. For me personally it has really helped take the guesswork out of what products I should be using and in what order. I just follow the steps of my regimen and I have been blown away by how much my 33 year old skin has improved.

Rodan + Fields have four core regimens for different skin concerns. ‘Redefine’ is the main anti-aging regimen, ‘Reverse’ is for dullness and pigmentation, ‘Soothe’ is for sensitive skin and ‘Unblemish’ is for adult acne

This is me. I know the lighting is a bit different so not the best 2 photos to compare but I can tell you that both of them are 100% makeup & filter free (except for my eyelash extensions). I have always been relatively happy with my skin (I am 34 this year) but I have been blown away with the results!

If you look closely at the ingredients list, you won’t be seeing many obscure ingredients, they are using ingredients such as retinols, acids and vitamins that are known to have a positive effect on the skin (as I discussed previously).

They have however developed some ground-breaking technology which sets them apart from all other skincare brands. Most of the innovations I have listed below are patented or patent pending so you cannot find them anywhere else on the market. Some examples of this:

Some of the technologies that sets Rodan + Fields apart from other skincare brands..

AMP MD System:

This is the micro-exfoliating roller paired with their Intensive Renewing Serum. This is version 2.0 of their roller which has been completely re-engineered with high precision tips for a more comfortable roll. It also has a more ergonomic handle for improved control and comes with a dual purpose cleaning and storage container. Rodan + Fields has patented this technology.

What is a derma-roller (micro-needling)??: A derma roller contains hundreds of tiny needles which create micro-injuries on the skin. This tricks your brain to produce collagen and elastin to heal your skin. It is also excellent to prepare your skin for applying a serum, significantly boosting ingredient absorption.

The Intensive Renewing Serum which comes with the roller is a concentrated skin revitalizing complex that combines proprietary, clinical-strength Retinal-MD™ Technology and powerful peptides to help prevent and correct the visible signs of aging, including the appearance of lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, and uneven skin tone and texture.

The serum contains retinal (with an A), which is 20x stronger than retinol and the most potent form of Vitamin A you can get without a prescription. What sets it apart is the serums unique delivery system. The serum contains a calcium buffer which controls the release of its powerful ingredients so that even sensitive skin can use it. This ability to use Retinal is innovative because until now, no one knew how to stabilize and deliver it effectively without irritation.

The AMP MD System is the proprietary derma-roller and Intensive Renewing Serum capsules. These capsules contain Retinal, the highest potency Retinoid (Vitamin A) available without a prescription, they also have a calcium buffer to minimise irritation usually associated with retinol products. These capsules are biodegradable

The AMP MD System accelerates the results of your regimen. This study participant used the system with the Redefine Regimen
This Preferred Customer was also using the AMP MD System with the Redefine Regimen. Consistency is absolutely vital for visible results

The new Reverse Radiance Mask also contains this Retinal-MD™ Technology. A description from the Rodan + Fields website: ‘Made with brightening Retinal-MD Technology, exfoliating Glycolic Acid and Turmeric Extract to boost radiance, this metallic cream mask revives the look of dull, uneven skin as it brightens’. OK so now I am going to give my opinion, I love this mask, it feels so amazing on my skin and I feel like my skin is glowing after I use it.

Here is me with the Reverse Radiance mask on. It has the same proprietary Retinal-MD™ Technology as the Intensive Renewing Serum
Here I am after using the Reverse Radiance Mask for the very first time. Completely makeup and filter free in both photos. I feel like it gave me a glow! It is one of my new favorite products

Active Hydration Serum:

Dryness is one of the main culprits contributing to aging. Whether it is due to the environment or hormonal change; it can make the skin appear older than it is. When skin dehydrates, the outer surface becomes dry and cell turn over decreases causing lines and wrinkles. Most moisturisers don’t add hydration to your skin. Instead, they form a barrier that prevents moisture from escaping.

In 2017 Rodan + Fields launched Active Hydration Serum, a lightweight super serum which is formulated with patent-pending 3D3P Molecular Matrix technology. This unique technology contains 30% Glycerin (compared to most serums which contain maximum 10% Glycerin) and cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid to draw moisture from the atmosphere and lock it onto the surface of the skin. This creates a water reservoir that delivers continuous, all-day hydration and smoother, softer, more radiant-looking skin. It self-adjusts to your skins needs and the environment to address hydration.

It is oil-free, non-comedogenic (a fancy word that means it won’t cause blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin) and has been clinically tested for all skin types (even sensitive skin).

From The Derm Review which is in no way affiliated with Rodan + Fields ‘ The Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Serum features their patent-pending 3D3P Molecular Matrix, which blends hyaluronic acid and glycerin. This attracts and holds a shocking amount of water, so much so that it can actually raise skin’s hydration level up to 200%.’ (link to source here.

Active Hydration Serum has won numerous awards. It contains patent-pending technology which draws in moisture from the atmosphere to hydrate your skin for up to 8 hours
Skins hydration is raised by up to 200% after just one use of Active Hydration Serum

The new Redefine Rejuvenation Mask also contains this 3D3P Molecular Matrix Technology. A description from the Rodan + Fields website: this mask ‘hydrates tired, dry skin to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles over time. This bubbly blue mask contains our proprietary 3D3P Molecular Matrix with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid + Glycerin to draw moisture from the air and lock it onto skin for smoother, softer, more radiant-looking skin. Jojoba beads exfoliate dead skin cells to remove dullness and reveal younger-looking skin’.

Here are a couple of articles and reviews of the Active Hydration Serum:

‘Allure’ review link here. ‘Beauty Heaven’ reviews here.

The Redefine Rejuvenation Mask contains the same 3D3P Molecular Matrix Technology contained in the Active Hydration Serum. It is a bubbling gel to foam mask which is so cool

Spotless and Unblemish Regimens:

Two of the Rodan + Fields Regimens are to treat acne. There is ‘Spotless’ for teens and young adults and ‘Unblemish’ for adults over 25.


The Spotless regimen is revolutionary because it has what is called proprietary BPO2 Technology.  What this means is that the Rodan + Fields scientists have figured out a way to get the maximum amount of liquefied Benzoyl Peroxide and Oxygen to the deepest part of the pore from the first day you start using the products (benzoyl peroxide is one of the most frequently used over the counter acne medications). It is extremely effective and fast-acting, yet gentle enough for skin showing its first blemish at age 10 or 12. No other company has done this and the technology is patent pending.

This technology has been described as a game changer (let’s not forget Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields are the doctors that developed Proactiv). In an eight-week clinical and consumer study of twice-daily use of Spotless products by teens and young adults, 100% of participants experienced a reduction in blemish size and visible redness after just one week. After eight weeks, 97% saw an improvement in their overall inflammatory acne and 90% had skin that was clearer, smoother, and less shiny.

The doctors are presenting their clinical data on BPO2 technology at the 2019 American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting in March (link to source here).

For more info about this patent-pending technology have a read of this link.

The Spotless Regimen, for teen and young adult acne, has patent-pending BPO2 Technology which has been described as a game changer
In an 8 week clinical and consumer study 100% of participants experienced a reduction in blemish size and visible redness after just one week


Although the Unblemish Regimen doesn’t include the brand’s BPO2 technology (that specifically targets the oiliness and thick outer layer of teenage skin), the products still include the system’s signature active ingredients: benzoyl peroxide, colloidal sulfur, and salicylic acid. What sets the Unblemish regimen apart is that instead of having to use separate acne and anti-aging regimens – or choosing between the two – it fights both simultaneously. By adding a physical exfoliator, age-fighting ingredients and a shine control daily moisturizer, Unblemish treats and prevents acne, unclogs pores and minimizes visible signs of aging.

The Unblemish Regimen is for adult acne (over the age of around 25). Not only does it help with breakouts, it is also anti-aging
Unblemish treats and prevents acne, unclogs pores and minimizes visible signs of aging

Soothe Regimen:

I found it quite hard to research exactly what the technology in the Soothe Regimen specifically does because there were lots of big words and it wasn’t as specific as I would like it to be. But what I can say is the Soothe Regimen for sensitive skin has had incredible results and is gentle enough that you can even use it on babies over 6 months old. It contains what they have called ‘Cold Fission Technology’ as well as exclusive patent-pending ‘RFp3 Peptide Technology’.

Here are the definitions from the Rodan + Fields expert support website ‘RF Connection’:

RF COLD FISSION™ is a patent-pending formulation process that eliminates the need for traditional emulsifying ingredients that may aggravate sensitive skin. The result—an elegant, creamy moisturizer that is ideal for sensitive skin. Link to source here.

RFp3 peptide technology is our proprietary combination of two peptides and a protease inhibitor that work at the skin’s surface to neutralize triggers and pacify skin. In Rodan + Fields SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment RFp3 works in combination with over-the-counter skin protectants or sunscreen ingredients to shield against the biological and environmental aggressors associated with skin irritation. Link to source here.

The Soothe Regimen contains technology that helps to strengthen the lipid barrier of your skin. This has a number of benefits including preventing environmental aggressors from penetrating the skin
3 months of using the Soothe Regimen. A lot of customers will start on the Soothe Regimen before moving to another Regimen such as the anti-aging Redefine Regimen
This is my partner Jeff. he has always had pretty red skin so I got him onto the Soothe Regimen. It has made such a difference for him!

Radiant Defense:

Radiant Defense is like a lightweight foundation but actually skincare. It is an all-in-one skin tint that protects your complexion against a variety of stressors and improves skin’s overall appearance over time. This alone is amazing because most foundations block your pores and can cause breakouts.

It contains what is called ‘RD3 Complex’ which is a unique and proprietary complex that helps neautralise the harmful effects of environmental aggressors, repair skin’s natural moisture barrier and protect it from sun damage caused by UVA and UVB rays. The formula features peptides and antioxidants which help to even out skin tone and create a flawless look.

Radiant Defense comes in 6 shades. It is like a foundation but actually skincare. Oil free, full of anti-oxidants and SPF 25

Radiant Defense is oil free, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic (fancy words meaning it does not block pores or cause breakouts) which is important to consider especially for people with acne or sensitive skin. It is ‘buildable’ and offers light to medium coverage.

My own opinion of Radiant Defense is that it is the first time in my life I have found a ‘tinted moisturier’ that I am completely happy with. It gives me peace of mind that it protects me from the sun, sits so well on my skin and lasts all day without me needing to reapply. I am so stoked I have found this! I usually don’t like to wear foundation because it blocks my pores and causes breakouts, but Radiant Defense is actually good for my skin and I love applying it every morning with the special brush which you can buy separately.

Third party reviews of Radiant Defense: Allure review here. Lifestyle Blogger Vilma Iris review here.

In this photo I am wearing Radiant Defense in shade 2 Beige with a little bit of shade 1 Shell under my eyes to highlight. I am not wearing any other foundation. I love that it makes my skin look flawless and also protects me from the sun. The sun is the number 1 cause of aging! No filter on this photo

Here is a list of Rodan + Fields patents, which basically means no one else in the world can copy the technology (when approved):

What is a patent? A patent is a form of intellectual property that gives its owner the legal right to exclude others from making, using, selling, and importing an invention for a limited period of years, in exchange for publishing an enabling public disclosure of the invention.

Is Rodan + Fields a pyramid scheme??….

Rodan+Fields is not a pyramid scheme, pyramid schemes are illegal. Rodan + Fields is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM, also known as Network Marketing). I have put definitions at the end of this section.

Basically, as an R+F consultant you get paid commission (15-30%) on your own personal sales and you also receive a small commission from any sales from the consultants you have recruited in your own personal team. It is possible to make a good income off sales alone but you will make more money if you also have a successful team. I think that the small commission you receive from your teams sales is fair because you will be training and supporting those team members and always available to them. It is a lot of work and dedication to support a team and in the real world, if you are a team leader supporting the people under you, you have a higher salary, right?!

It is also a really smart business model; the doctors want the maximum number of people to be selling their products, so why not reward consultants for recruiting other consultants. Another important thing to note is the commission for people under you is not infinite, it cuts off after 5 generations below your personal team.

Here are some of the ladies in my team on a ‘Tribe Retreat’ in 2018. I am going to the retreat this year which is in Noosa. I am so excited!!!!! One of the unexpected things about this business is the amazing women I am now friends with. Everyone is so supportive, friendly and helpful, even ladies that are not in your team. We all help each other and I know I have made some friends for life

For me personally, I think my upline Katrina deserves the extra commission because she has been so helpful and supportive to me and the rest of her team. She puts in so much work training us, answering questions, giving us incentives out of her own pocket, organising tribe retreats, hosting team meetings, I could go on!! So even though the recruiting side of the business made me a bit uncomfortable at first, I now know from my own personal experience that this business can be such a blessing and can really help people that are looking for extra income (or an income in general, like me).

 If it wasn’t for Katrina sharing this opportunity with me I wouldn’t be able to earn an income from home doing something I absolutely love and helping people with their confidence. I am so grateful for her introducing me to this business.

Another important thing to note, technically I can earn more than my upline (a lot of people do). In a pyramid scheme it is impossible to earn more than your upline.

So to summarise this section, no we are not a pyramid scheme, yes we are multi-level marketing, but what is wrong with that? All we are doing is sharing the products and the business opportunity with our network and working on our own little businesses which we can do from home. Something that has been life changing for me because I can be with my baby daughter Rosie.

By far the #1 benefit of having my own R+F business is that I get to work from home. I have always enjoyed working, not just for the money but for the mental stimulation, and I was so torn about going back to work and being home with Rosie. Now I can do both and I am so grateful I was given this opportunity. Isn’t she the cutest!! (and how good I can stay in my dressing gown all day if I want haha)

Multi-level Marketing (MLM) or network marketing, is individuals selling products to the public – often by word of mouth and direct sales. The main idea behind the MLM strategy is to promote maximum number of distributors for the product and exponentially increase the sales force. The promoters get commission on the sale of the product as well as compensation for sales their recruits make thus, the compensation plan in multi-level marketing is structured such that commission is paid to individuals at multiple levels when a single sale is made and commission depends on the total volume of sales generated.

Pyramid Schemes are, however, fraudulent schemes, disguised as an MLM strategy. The difference between a pyramid scheme and a lawful MLM program is that there is no real product that is sold in a pyramid scheme. Participants attempt to make money solely by recruiting new participants into the program. The hallmark of these schemes is the promise of sky-high returns in a short period of time for doing nothing other than handing over your money and getting others to do the same.

Link to source here.

TPG Investment..

Something that I wanted to also mention here because I think it is pretty significant, is that last year a multi-billion dollar investment firm called TPG, who invest in companies they see as ‘industry disruptors,’ made a large investment in Rodan + Fields (they spent US $1 billion for a 25% stake in the company). A few of the companies that TPG have invested in in the past include Airbnb, Spotify and Uber, all who have been significant game changers in their industries.

Diane Dietz, president and CEO of Rodan + Fields says “TPG’s successful track record growing iconic brands and their belief in our disruptive model, innovative products, and powerful Independent Consultant Community make them an excellent partner. We are energized by the opportunities that lie ahead of us as we expand domestically and globally and look forward to optimizing our strengths with TPG’s expertise.”

Jim Coulter, the CEO of TPG says “As a firm with a history of investing in businesses that are fundamentally changing their industries, we see Rodan + Fields as being at the intersection of emerging consumer trends and technology disruptions. This is exactly the kind of partnership we look for—an outstanding brand with proven success, an experienced and talented management team, and significant runway for growth.”

Basically, TPG see Rodan + Fields as a game changer, they already are a game changer. They are the number 1 skincare brand in all of north America (and have been for 3 years in a row now) and already the number 1 premium anti-aging brand as well as the fastest growing in Australia after only 18 months… and you can’t even buy the products from stores. They also don’t pay for any advertising.

Anyway, just something to think about when you hear negative (generally very false) things about the company.

Here are some articles & press releases about this partnership:

Forbes article link here. Business Wire article link here. GCI Magazine article link here. Rodan + Fields press release link here.

Price comparison..

Just before I wrap this up I wanted to do a price comparison of Rodan + Fields to 5 other very popular premium skincare brands. The prices I have used for Rodan + Fields are from the Redefine Regimen, which is the anti-aging regimen and the most expensive of the 5 regimens. The prices I have put in the table below are from the official sites of each brand and when there has been more than one option to choose from in a category, I have tried to choose the cheapest option to make a fair comparison.

Of course the products seem expensive, and they are not cheap. But you have to remember that all premium skincare is not cheap. If you were to buy your skincare from the local supermarket it will be a fraction of this cost, but it is very likely those products won’t have any of the clinically trialled active ingredients (or if they do they are in very very low concentrations) and it is not likely you will see visible results like you would from a premium brand.

Rodan + Fields are the number one premium anti-aging skincare brand in Australia, the United States and Canada.

Sources: Rodan + Fields, Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clarins, Dermalogica

Another thing about Rodan + Fields that made me want to be part of the company is the 60 day money back guarantee. You could even send your bottles back empty and get a refund if you are not happy. Same with the Business Kits, they all have a 60 day money back guarantee.

To wrap this up..

Wow so I feel like I have gone off on a few tangents with this post, and it kept getting bigger and bigger. That is because as I was researching so many other things came up that I wanted to mention. I think my main aim of this is for people who are skeptical, or for people who hear ‘Rodan + Fields’ and straight away dismiss it because it is a direct sales company, please think about the facts I have mentioned here before you publicly (or internally) diss the brand and the people selling it. Most of the consultants are people like me, stay at home mums or independent women who want to be able to provide an income for themselves or their family. Why not help support these women who are taking a risk to start their own little businesses.

I am incredibly lucky to have the most supportive partner. Jeff has been my guinea pig and lets me post photos of him doing masks on the internet. Seriously though, he has been so amazing I am very very lucky #realmenlookaftertheirskin

I would really appreciate any feedback you have on what I have written here. Especially if you think something is incorrect because I want to ensure everything I have written here is factual. Also, if you are a Rodan + Fields consultant and you are reading this, I hope that this has helped you to believe in what you are doing and not let the negative people get you down. Helping people with their skin and confidence is truly rewarding and it is a good thing you are doing, be proud of it! I am very proud of what I do and in a way I wish I wasn’t so affected by one little Instagram story, but if I wasn’t so passionate about it I would never have written this post.

Oh and one more thing……

Something else I wanted to touch on. I can imagine that for skincare professionals, beauticians, cosmetic nurses, dermatologists, anyone that has qualifications regarding skincare, it must be frustrating and maybe sometimes infuriating that there are average women with absolutely no training in skincare who are selling skincare products and giving advice. I personally would probably be annoyed myself!! But if you are a skincare professional and you are reading this, please know that Rodan + Fields consultants are not skincare experts and don’t claim to be. Rodan + Fields provide an online Solution Tool which was developed by the R+F doctors to help potential customers see which Regimen and add on products are recommended for them. If there are any questions that the consultants cannot answer from experience, there are Rodan + Fields nurses which can be contacted by phone or email.

OK that’s it from me!



My R+F website link here.

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