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Lane Poole Reserve – Dwellingup, WA

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Lane Poole Reserve is only about an hour and a half drive south east of Perth and such a beautiful spot for a getaway. Each time I go there I find awesome new areas to explore and am constantly blown away by the beauty of the forest and Murray River.

It is pretty cheap with campsites ranging from $8 to $11 per adult per night (cheaper for kids) and you can even take your dog, which is really unusual for a ‘national park’ or reserve in WA. Just make sure you are careful if you do take your dog because the area has been baited with 1080.

There are many different campsites to choose from, all of them along the river. All campsites have drop toilets, picnic tables and fires pits and a couple even have great camp kitchens with free BBQs and sinks (just make sure you always take your own drinking water). You are allowed fires for most of the year just not during summer or total fire bans.

You can access all of the campsites and day use areas with a 2wd and there are also 4WD tracks for exploring. If you have a caravan check the government website (just google Lane Poole Reserve) or check WikiCamps to see which campsites you can park up in. Some spots are tent sites only so not suitable for caravans (or camper trailers).



– Kayak / canoeing
– Paddle boarding
– Swimming
– Fishing
– 4WDing
– Tree Adventure playground for the kids
– Day walks (there are lots of walks, even part of the Bibbulmun Track runs through here)


There is no reception in most areas at Lane Poole Reserve, but this is a great thing in my opinion, you can really enjoy the beautiful surrounds and live in the moment. If you do need to make a phone call or buy supplies, Dwellingup is only about 10 minutes drive from the main entrance so you can always duck into town if you have to.

I know from personal experience that at times like Easter it gets really really busy, so it is really important to book in advance or get there early (most sites you need to prebook online but there are a couple of campgrounds, like Nanga Mill, where it is first in first serve). If you are lucky like me to be able to go camping mid week you will find it is almost empty. When I was there last week, it was beautiful summer weather and most camp sites were deserted. You can have whole areas to yourself if you are lucky☺️

I have put in heaps of info with all the photos but if you have any questions or want to share your own tips & experiences about Lane Poole Reserve please comment below.


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One of the entrances to Lane Poole Reserve, only about an hour and a half drive from Perth. So beautiful and so close! You can even take your dog! Just be careful because there are 1080 baits in the area. You need to pay National Park entrance fees on top of any camping fees but if you are a member of the RAC you can buy an annual ‘parks pass’ for $40 which gets one car load of people into any National Park in WA for free for a whole year (well not really free you are paying $40, but this is sooo worth it if you go camping a lot, it is usually around $12 per vehicle EACH time)


The Murray River runs through Lane Poole Reserve, it is a beautiful river and you can go fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, whatever you like! There are a few rope swings around also (just be very careful and check the water depth and any obstacles first!)


The map at the main entrance to Lane Poole Reserve, there are lots of different places to camp, most have great facilities but make sure you bring your own drinking water and know that 90% of the places you won’t have phone reception (which is actually a great thing!)


If you have your own kayak or paddle board it is so relaxing and beautiful to go up and down the river. At nearly all the camp sites there are safe entry points. This kayak is an inflatable one, we borrowed them off my mates parents (I am pretty sure they got them from BCF for a few hundred dollars). It even has a beer holder (or maybe that’s meant for water haha)


How beautiful is the Murray River?! It runs all the way through Lane Poole Reserve. All the different camp spots are dotted along the river. The only negative about the area is there were a few March flies around so make sure you cover up or bring bug spray


One of the Kayak entry points. There are no showers in Lane Poole Reserve (only drop toilets) but who needs a shower when you have a river right?!


The canoe entry point at Yarragil campsite. Another good thing about Lane Poole Reserve is that because it is inland and in the forest that even on windy days it is pretty protected. Being a WA girl the wind can be soooo annoying! So it’s nice to be protected


One of the many camp sites in Lane Poole Reserve. Most of the camp sites need to be booked online at least 24hrs beforehand but there are a couple that don’t need to be booked (like Nanga Mill) so you can make a spur of the minute decision. Most campsites have drop toilets, picnic tables and fire pits and a couple even have really good camp kitchens (with bbqs and sinks). You can get all the details of individual campsites on the DPAW website or WikiCamps


This is a typical campsite set up. Most of them have a picnic table and fire pit. All of them are surrounded by forest and some even have river views


Charlie’s Flat camp site is one of the many campsites to choose from


Another one of the many campgrounds you can choose from. There are 2 campgrounds with really good camp kitchens (Chuditch and Baden Powell), they have free bbqs and lots of sinks to do dishes. If you have kids these sites might be the most convenient


Dwaarlindjirraap day use area. This spot had lots of little waterfalls and rock pools, so fun to explore


Here is an overview of the campgrounds in Lane Poole Reserve from the app WikiCamps Australia. There are 9 campsites you can book. WikiCamps will give you all the details you need if you haven’t got it off the DPAW website


If you live in WA or are visiting WA make sure you check out Lane Poole Reserve. It is so beautiful and so handy if you want to take your dog. Not many parks and reserves in WA allow dogs so this is really unique. Please feel free to ask me any questions at all I am happy to help and answer them


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